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    "a Seat @ the Table"

    February 1, 2012 by Ben Harrison

    As you’ve probably already gathered from my blogs, I enjoy learning.  I have spent time with masters of business, like Verne Harnish (the Growth Guru), and Buddy Faulkner, he once owned a $270 million business that was listed as the fastest growing company by Forbes Magazine, and David Loveless, a Harvard educated businessman from Great Britain. All of these men have encouraged and taught me sound businesses practices that infiltrate the fabric of our companies today. I’ve been honored to serve in the PEO industry in a CEO Forum for several years and was part of setting the vision for the PEO industry; helped write new laws in Alabama and Florida in the PEO ...[read more]

    Every Business Needs Constant Sales Activity

    January 23, 2012 by Ben Harrison

     Remember all of those jobs I told you about last time? Well, I learned something about myself… I really like working for myself; and I want to own whatever I am doing.I joined my sister Becky Carter and her, then husband, Richard Guest right after college.  They had started Personnel Resources in Dothan in 1987 and were now halfway through their second year in business.  They were already having great success when I arrived.  Becky did not want me to have an easy road.  She paid me $5/hr and had me help out from time to time by conducting interviews for industrial candidates.  My first 3 years were consumed with our vid...[read more]

    Lessons Learned from a Bicycle (continued)

    January 12, 2012 by Ben Harrison

    Let’s think back to the bicycle that I talked about last week... actually, it was a mini-bike. Some of the kids in our neighborhood had gotten really nice Honda and Yamaha bikes. It had a motor and that was enough for me and my sister Becky, one of the founders of Personnel Resources. The two of us worked every odd job we could that summer to purchase a mini-bike at the local Lowes. We had a blast! We saved our pennies until we raised $125 – the amount we needed to purchase the mini-bike. Dad took us to Lowes and we were extremely excited. When we got the bike home, our dad cranked it up and gave me the instructions for th...[read more]

    Lessons Learned from a Bicycle

    January 3, 2012 by Ben Harrison

    Many years ago I wanted to get a new bicycle. My father told me, ”When you get your money together, we’ll go to Lowes and  I’ll help you pick out a new bicycle.” (Yes, Lowes used to sell bicycles 40+ years ago.) I was seven years old then and the lesson has stuck with me forever; if you want something you can get it if you have enough money. Fast forward to January 2012 and I am introducing you to a person who is a workaholic.  I must really want a lot.  Really…I do want many things and then again I confess that I really like working.  I have cut grass, painted houses, cleaned construction sites, sold a shark for me...[read more]

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