"a Seat @ the Table"

"a Seat @ the Table"

February 1, 2012 by Ben Harrison
As you’ve probably already gathered from my blogs, I enjoy learning.  I have spent time with masters of business, like Verne Harnish (the Growth Guru), and Buddy Faulkner, he once owned a $270 million business that was listed as the fastest growing company by Forbes Magazine, and David Loveless, a Harvard educated businessman from Great Britain. All of these men have encouraged and taught me sound businesses practices that infiltrate the fabric of our companies today. 

I’ve been honored to serve in the PEO industry in a CEO Forum for several years and was part of setting the vision for the PEO industry; helped write new laws in Alabama and Florida in the PEO industry; change paradigms by necessity in 2001 after September 11 by using client based workers
compensation policies as one of the first in the industry to do this.  In the sales business, you constantly have to adapt your approach and change how you do business… I was lucky enough to help change an industry. 

Over the last 15 years we have been through many struggles.  I can tell you how we survived and learned from this, but there were other staffing businesses that lost only $400,000 in bad debt and ended up out of business because of it.  So, I know we had to come up with a plan, but I give the credit to the Lord. Our companies serve a higher purpose and believe in the power that brings.

We have found that many of our customers are struggling in similar situations.  So we decided to start working with customer in strategic meetings… we call them “a Seat @ the Table”.  These meetings
lead to decisions that helped many get better and stave off insolvency or having to sell out.  Now, because of these type successes we are intentionally working to help our clients, friends and neighbors grow and prosper in their companies. 

In future blogs, I will give you more details on some of these situations and what decisions were made…
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