Mary Beth Maddox

"No office? No secrets? No Problem!"

August 18, 2011 by Mary Beth Maddox
Last year, one of our Wiregrass clients paid us the ultimate compliment....they told their corporate office about us!  You see, this client had been outsourcing their warehouse positions to us for over a year.  They loved the speed with which we could fill the positions, the reduced onboarding costs and their supervisors loved the ability to eject weak performers quickly because of the impact it had on their productivity.  Additionally, having the majority of their new hires on our payroll,  helped them to reduce their worker's compensation injuries which was another cost savings.  We also helped them to better manage their labor costs by sending temporaries home when they experienced fluctuations in business.  It was and still is a great relationship.  
 So, when the corporate executives flew down to ask if we would be interested in expanding our relationship, we were thrilled.  Then they asked the question that could have ended it all....."So, where are your other offices?"  Uh....what other offices?  Since we only have one recruiting office, it took a minute for us to explain how we could still help them.  Luckily, we were able to convince them to consider an on site program.  This service model would require us to hire staff in the immediate area that they wanted our help with, train them and set up a satellite office at their location.  We agreed on a ninety day action plan to roll out the program.       
 It seemed simple.....our client seemed interested....we were hopeful.  Then something happened that has never happened before in my professional selling career.  Our new, out of state prospect asked for a "transparent relationship".  Let me explain further..... they wanted to see our numbers.....our projected revenue, projected expenses even our estimated net profit.  They didn't want any secrets between us.  In fact, this was a condition of doing business.  So, after thinking it over, we did it.  We put together a twelve month budget with all of the numbers and we gave it to them.  We also closed the deal.  
 That was over a year ago.  Today, our relationship is going strong and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our business model.  At The PR Companies, creative solutions are a way of life.  We thrive on coming up with new and innovative ways to meet the needs of our clients.  This commitment to problem solving  has helped us to increase our revenues by over 100% in the last two years.
 Plus, it sure is fun.......  
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